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Personalised White Canvas Wedding Shoes

Personalised White Canvas Wedding Shoes

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These Glitter Bride Canvas shoes are simply amazing - perfect for the full day or for popping on to dance the night away at the evening reception.

Perfect honeymoon footwear too!

Sizes guide - we have a handy size guide below to help you choose the perfect size. Please remember you will be on your feet all day and your feet are likely to swell, if you are in any doubt please choose the next size up!

UPDATE- we have had some feedback that shoes are smaller made so we have added a picture of insoles of all sizes next to a ruler so you can be sure to order the correct size.

Personalised with super sparkle glitter - in the colour of your choice. (images don't do it justice)

- comes with white satin ribbon lace and also the original white laces.


It’s not just the bride that can use a pair of customised Bridal Pumps, they are suitable for the entire wedding party from your Maid of Honour, Bridesmaid, to the Father of the Bride they can match their footwear to their outfits - please see our other listings to order.

We can work with you to create the perfect pair of matching personalised wedding trainers - email us;


Which size should I order?

It’s a good idea to measure your feet at the end of the day, generally they swell a little after a day of walking around on them. If you wear socks normally, measure your feet with socks on – this will ensure that when you have both your shoes and socks on, your shoes aren’t too snug.

You don’t need any fancy equipment (a footwear measuring device is called a brannock, but we haven’t all got one of those at home!) to measure your feet, just a piece of paper, a pencil, a ruler and an extra pair of hands.

Measuring your feet lengthways:

  1. Find a flat, hard surface.
  2. Place your piece of paper with the edge straight against the wall, and stand on it with your heel also flush against the wall.
  3. Have someone mark on the paper where the longest point of your foot is. You can do this yourself… if you can bend over that far!
  4. Repeat this process with both feet as they might be slightly different sizes.
  5. Measure the heel to toe length for each foot.
Heel to Toe Length (cm) Heel to Toe Length in Inches UK Size EU Size US Size
22 8.7 2.5 35.5 5
22.4 8.8 3 36 5.5
22.9 9 3.5 36.5 6
23.3 9.2 4 37.5 6.5
23.7 9.3 4.5 38 7
24.1 9.5 5 38.5 7.5
24.5 9.6 5.5 39 8
25 9.8 6 40 8.5
25.4 10 6.5 40.5 9
25.8 10.2 7 41 9.5
26.2 10.3 7.5 42 10
26.7 10.5 8 42.5 10.5


*Please note if you are still unsure or if you have marked as a half size please go for the bigger size.

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